EarlyYears App

Record. Review. Report.

Discover how Early Years App is transforming childcare.

What is Early Years App?

We have developed an App, proven to transform the way you record, link and report on children’s development.

Record & Register

Record & Register

Observations happen spontaneously, with Early Years App you can capture and categorise them as they happen.


Review & Plan

Quickly review children's progress by linking observations to milestones or learning outcomes, with the benefit of having the full curriculum accessible, all in one screen.

Review & Plan

Report on Performance

Identify individual child learning needs with simple to understand visual reports that allow you to drill down from class performance to individual child performance.

Record & Register
Record & Register

One touch observations.

  • Select children individually or in groups
  • Type or talk your observation in seconds
  • Take picture or video evidence
  • Write notes with Apple-Pencial or stylus
  • Link to single or multiple categories
Record & Register

Multi-link milestone sign-off.

  • Curriculum is automatically open on the correct category and age-group for quick linking
  • Rate individual child progress with simple to understand star-rating
  • Access the entire curriculum on one-screen
  • Match against individual or multiple milestones
  • Automatically records date, time and who made the record
Record & Register
Review & Plan

Reporting re-imagined.

  • View progress at class level across all curriculum categories
  • Drill down to view reports from previous years
  • Access individual child records in child profiles
  • Review individual observations & milestone progress with all notes accessible